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The greatness of the world is reduced to one simple formula.

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Fern Hinse is a rare author.  Translating a formula of Time Fern elaborates upon two themes to feature: the central techniques of a Perpetual Motion Theory of Change.

Fern identifies that “origination (life)” and “termination (death)” are those basic themes and argues that central between them is the place where time creates change.

Fern was in a highway head-on vehicle collision and in desperate separation, Fern unknowingly took positions on both of the divided frontlines of life and death.  There, her thoughts and imagery were of an observer that was terminated and ghastly separated from the original place she once assumed belonged to her.  The “centre“ was no longer hers and she sought to find her way.

In a complexity of battle-front confusion, Fern attempted to repair her experience of division and the division that surround her where both fronts adhered to their decisions and she was spat upon as there was voracious attempts to tear apart her new ideas about change.  This battle was mainly about the divided line that exists between us all.  It was there—and was not there—in Fern’s point of view where she pointed out that division also presents a central passageway through time.  According to Fern, both  – divided – sides required refreshing so they – together –  could find the centre-gate that operates the passing changing-realms of time.  However, these vicissitudes of life-origination and death-terminations were not comprehensible to the masses who still fought for superiority in an inferior world.  They too had not find their center.

Fern strove for greater precision and attempted to transform the imagery of her thoughts into words.  She also attempted to explain an inner and outer view, but the capacity for savagery reined on.  Fern, explaining that both divided sides are so perfectly opposite that this perfect opposition could be seen as equality between them.  Both nature and nurture are wise and at the same time unpredictable. . .

She was unable to maintain her senses of art, and relay her specialized positions.  Division remained in “authority.”  No one other than herself would declare allegiance to the working center between those two divided oppositions.

Fern declared that her stories were not fabrication, that experiences were real.  A body magically goes beyond itself while the body at the same time has known limitations.  How does the body go through these “changes?”  That was most difficult for Fern to explain.  Using evolution as a hierarchical “endorsement of superiority” and the smell of death was heavy all around. Magnum Krynski and Robert A. McQuire. Sounds, Feelings and Thoughts,  Seventy Poems by Wistawa Szymborska. New Jersey USA: Princeton University Press, 1981. ( P. 9. )

Evolutionary biological did not exactly cover the living and dying universe as a whole.  There was so much more.  Can an original and termination be taken and made into a cross-trading deity?  Fern made a decision to meet the problem face-on.  Her plan to explain that the “divide” as part of the wholeness package of the universe worked.

Into dictionaries and encyclopaedias, into mathematics and physics, biology, psychology, Fern departed in disassociation and buried her mind in education, religion and the humanities.  She returned home with a huge inhale, Fern was overwhelmed.  She understood the mastery and the mysteries of life and death.  She had viewed them working in automatic sequences of interchange.  She could explain the two themes alongside the central position.

The universal changes are simplified as an exchange of oppositions. The two sides of opposition cross-tie together to bond as “one of a kind.”  Like the center of the clock that turns the minute and hour hands, center was the place where the formula changed the times. The one unique blueprint “changes” the many opposites. E.g. life and death, all and none – light and dark – East to West – rise and fall.

Males and females cross-multiplied micro into macro and back again, to transmutate the entire globe to show the reality-identification for all and none. These male and female genders in terms of the binary 1’s and 0’s presented a problem when 1 and 0 were to be divided in mathematics has said division by zero was impossible and undefined.  1/0 was said to be impossible.  Fern, in a battle of the minds did not view 1/0 to be impossible.  Division by Zero just required a new identity because it was the same as every other “one of a kind” entity.   Fern’s Formula in theory identified the two way exchange on the dividing line by showing divisions breakdown was also the build-up participation of a changing world.

Fern Hinse accomplished this first by clarifying divisions identity.  It was efficient in its place—right  alongside its counterparts which shown together were the mathematical symbols known as +, -, x,  ÷.  The symbols including ‘division’ held together the same before and after designing features of what takes place in the center interchange where living and dying were tuned to a present of changing times.   As perfect reflections of each other – the bonds between + and – were featured as horizontal.  And the bonds between x and ÷ were vertically featured.  There, Time’s routine changing the before and after mechanisms, prime and post, and future and past to a distinctive changing role of present took place and exists flourishes to a present changing times.  This was the place that the center-cross of a magazine was viewable.  “Together” the symbols exhibited that there is an ever-changing thoroughfare: night and day, young and old, all through the changes  – every “one of a kind” is what it is, where it is, how it is, why it is – the changing present state!

Because every one of the four symbols were identical in structure, no matter what any one of them was labelled, it was complete: because every separated whole as “one of a kind” held the same scope and properties of +, -, x,  ÷.

The old definition of the word “divide” had changed.  It was no longer tuned only to separation but it too like the other symbols in a set, was to re-form emptiness to wholeness.  Change takes place at the cross center of presence where 1 and 0 were changed the same way that division interchanged with multiplication.

Using this point of view a passageway transcends up and also descends down.  This is where origination and termination forms a body that goes beyond itself by cross trading with a deity.  This balancing and automatic perpetual motion mechanism begins and ends in every second of every day for every “one of a kind. ”  So many had remained stagnate because life was held in an animated stance with one foot forward and the other foot back.  Not many could see that they, we, you, me and I are the present singularities, as centers of the parallels – as walking, talking citizens taking parts in a blueprinted plan –   that Fern has entitled as the Perpetual Motion Theory of Change.

Prior to Fern’s Debut, much was unspecified and left underneath in a maternal mystery where we were all born of women and left to identify our Masterful Father as an extension of ourselves that was left way up high in a heavenly realm.  In  Fern’s rendition, the Master takes part in work and play right inside the cross-center interchange.  The Mastery and the Mystery work their opportunisms from the center-place.  They and we are the two ulterior genders that cross-merge our opposite personalities in our  children.  Without an ability to see both as an equal measure of parenthood – the human identity and identities of all and none, were left to flounder because of a mindless virtual murder and where another  side of identity was painted horribly dark.  Division had separated ‘life from death’ and we all fought to understand.  A non-communication developed and in an enormous outrage, one side pitted against the other, the planet was fought over, piece by piece, and in the process of every overtaking the suffering consequences continued.

Fern has reduced the greatness of the world into one simple formula and aims to repair this devastating scene.

To review an ever changing subject, in formula, was difficult however Fern takes her stand and walks right in to answer the most riddling riddles of our world.  She prepared her book, Time’s Secret Parallel, and shows a brand new way to restore the peace to a magnificent changing world. www.timessecret.com

Free Way

The gates of Time are open

We view the building bridge

Concrete foundations down below

To heights unseen suspensions reach

Rainbows link one side to another

In a merciful exchange

The bridge, it is complete.

No sequence is left dangling,

And passage there is free.