Time's Secret Parallel

Following a serious automobile accident at age 29, which left her without memory, Fern Hinse relates her experience of total re-education to an intriguing walk through the Halls of Learning.  Fern discusses the subjects that are known and unknown and proposes the link between them as her exciting new bridge of discovery:  “Time’s Secret Parallel.”

About the Author

Fern Annabelle Hinse was born in 1950. In 1980, after a traumatic accident that almost killed her, Fern began her decades-long quest to educated herself in the fields of science, psychology and philosophy.

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About the Book

A dance of darkness and sparkling light beams from a diamond in the same way that time’s parallel dances to a simple tune of rise and fall.

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My sister Carrie flew from Saskatchewan to Kamloops, BC and we travelled to Fort Langley for the July 1st Celebration and the Festival of the Book. There, together we networked and promoted Time’s Secret Parallel.

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